Our company carries out an activity of metallic and parts according to requirements of various beneficiari.Executia garment is made using lightweight metal ferrous materials, aluminum, stainless steel. They suffer from processing by:

Mechanical-cutting scissors for thin and thick plate
-Guided saws for cutting ferrous and aluminum materials
-Depending on the nature of work, these materials are not bent or cold rolling machine on board or bent.

Subsystems, depending on the purpose electric wire can be welded using MIG / MAG or WIG / TIG welding with protective gas such as argon mixtures with CO 2 or Argon.

Also, the materials may have different cut-column drilling machines, hand drills, lathes, milling or mechanical grinding or mobile phone. Such materials are processed hot dip galvanized or painted with electrostatic processes in various liquids and executors of such protective coatings.

Also, at this point is secured parking of vehicles.

In order to carry out specific activities, the company has the following features: Workshops-Hall - 600 sqm industrial hall and annex and the adjacent areas of such activities.

- Plate rolling machine
- Scissors cutting board and hydraulic mechanics FC 8-2500
- PIT 80-3000 plate bending machine
- IBP press cutting press columns 6 and cold flow
- Metal cutting shears combined FC 150
- Turned TOS
- Milling TOS
- Milling ZAYER
- Welding equipment wire (0,6,0,8,1,1.2) and protective environment process MIG / MAG
- Welding equipment and protective environment thread process WIG / TIG Synergic in system
- Rolling mills CNC profile
- CNC mandrel bending machine
- Car satin and polished stainless steel and aluminum
- Fixed and mobile mechanical grinding Drill-Machine-column
- Debtors for ferrous and stainless steel
- Charged for aluminum
- Magnetic drilling machines and mass radial drilling machine
- Self-supporting basket 11m JLG-Toucan
- Sets
- Welding generator

-Commercial Vehicles for goods transport
-Utility transport-persons


During the technological process does not emit air pollutants and any residual gas. Dust and grit in the process to recover your machine after filtration bags that are handed to companies and enhancing their ability to collect reziduuri.Operatiunea welding wire in the protective environment of argon and carbon dioxide production takes place in the workshop and in free space, so traces of these gases have dispersed results and concentrations below the maximum allowed by the legislation in force (in Annex Bulletin No analysis. 91 issued by the Public Health Laboratory of Environmental Toxicology Industrial)


The profile of a metallic workshop to prevent vibration, equipment is mounted on rubber mats to acquire vibration. To protect against noise, the staff is equipped with helmets antifonice.Prin nature of utilities, and by placing the space in which the company operates, there is no issue of noise generation and / or vibrations that affect population